Top 3 Exercises for Strong, Killer Legs

Leg Day

Whether you are looking to build muscle in your legs, have them become stronger, or just want your legs to look better, over the next few days I’ll share my top three leg exercises. A few days ago I discussed squats, so if you missed it be sure to check it out:

My second favorite exercise for strengthening your legs are lunges. The largest groups of muscles in your lower body are being worked: your gluts, quads, hamstrings, and even a little of your calves. Some people feel that keeping your hands on your hips helps with balance for lunges. Personally, if I am not holding a bar or weights I prefer to have my hands at my sides.

Step forward with your right leg, far out enough so that as you lower your right leg to 90 degrees, your knee does not go past your toes. By the motion of you stepping forward on your right leg, your left toes will be on the ground, but your heel is not.

If you have a mirror, this is a great way to check your form. It’s easy to either step too far forward, or not far enough. Simply adjust to what feels comfortable for your current range-of-motion. Make sure your feet are both pointed straight forward.

Inhale as you lower your body towards the ground; exhale as you come back up. If you are new to lunges, perhaps you’ll only lower yourself a few inches down, then rise up. If you are comfortable with lunges looking to challenge yourself, lower your back leg to be just a few inches above the ground, and rise up.

What’s your favorite way to do lunges?