5 Strange Sports Sadly No Longer in the Olympics

pigeon shooting

The Closing Ceremony of Rio 2016 was Sunday night, and sadly these strange sports have been gone for years. Perhaps if enough people signed petitions the IOC could bring them back someday?

Live Pigeon Shooting – This could have been an animal rights activist’s worst nightmare. Nearly 300 birds were killed when the live pigeon shooting event made its only Olympic appearance at the Paris Games in 1900.

Tug of War – Teams of eight had five minutes to pull their opponents six feet over a line. If there were no winner after the time limit expired, the team who’d pulled their rivals the furthest would win.

Croquet – This rowdy event was in the Olympics on just one occasion, at Paris in 1900. It’s notable for being the first Olympic event in which women participated, against their male counterparts and not in their own competition. 

The sport was removed from the Olympics after it was reported that only one spectator reportedly showed up to watch.

Rope Climbing – This was featured from 1896 to 1932. 


At the 1904 Games in St. Louis, Missouri, Team USA’s George Eyser won six medals. This was quite an incredible accomplishment, as he had one wooden leg.

Plunge For Distance – Team USA’s William Dickey remains the reigning Olympic champion in the plunge for distance, many years after winning gold at the 1904 Games in St. Louis, Missouri. 

That’s because the event was never repeated. Dickey managed to glide below the surface for a whopping 62 feet and 6 inches after diving into the water.

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If you could put a strange sport in the Olympics, what would it be?