What’s the Difference Between Running and Jogging?

Liz, Lori, and Tim after finishing Ironman Canada 2013

Recently while running with my friend Lori, she told me about buying a gym membership. Lori was excited to learn new ways of exercising, and trying new classes that the gym offers. This gym classifies you as a runner or a jogger based on your average mile pace.

This sparked a great discussion on our run that morning! I have a strong opinion on this topic, and I feel that if you call yourself a “runner” it is because you enjoy the physical act of running. I believe it doesn’t matter how many miles you can run, your weekly mileage totals, or how many races you’ve done.

None of those things “make” you a runner. Regardless of your pace, if you’re going fast enough that you clearly are not walking, then you are running. Therefore, you are a runner!

I’d like to hear your opinions. What is the difference between running and jogging? If you are called a jogger, what emotion does that evoke in you?