Do You Suffer from Gymtimidation?

Denver Fashion Photographer Brent Andeck-9487

Perhaps you’ve felt uneasy or nervous towards going to the gym. Could it be possible you’re suffering from gymtimidation? Do you conveniently use the side effects of gym avoidance and resistance to exercise (no pun intended) to not go to the gym?

Let’s break this word down into layman’s terms. Gymtimidation is intimidation of the gym. Years ago I was intimidated by anything and everything in the gym. Here are two examples, which are warning signs, of what this condition looked like in me.

• Fear of equipment: What are all these odd machines, and how in the world do you know what to do? It didn’t help my insecurity that everyone seemed to know what he or she was doing.

• Annoyance of other people: For me, this was men who grunt while lifting heavy weights, and women who look like they are going out on a date instead of there to work out.

Treatments include:

• Most gyms have a freebie 30 minute orientation session with a personal trainer to introduce you to the equipment. To get over the fear of knowing how to use the machines, take the orientation. If your gym doesn’t offer one, then ask if a personal trainer would be willing to meet with you, an “orientation” on their own. Personal trainers are in sales, as in they want you to buy personal training. If a trainer is willing to show you how to use the equipment, then that could be a potential sale.

• Learn to tune out the other people in the gym. Focus on yourself and why you are there. The men who grunt will always be there grunting, and the women who look cute will always workout with their shiny lip gloss. Wearing head phones will help tune out other sounds you don’t want to hear, and listening to your choice of music will help in your motivation of your workout. Focus on yourself by making your workout the priority.
Each time you go to the gym your prior condition of gymtimidation will decrease. And, what will increase is your confidence! You will continue to grow and the results you will earn will have big payoffs – your health!

Have you suffered from gymtimidation, and if so what did it look like?

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