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Happy National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day!

Take a Break

Tomorrow is the second annual National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day. This national wellness day is organized by the American Diabetes Association. The ADA is committed to advancing the prevention, research, and treatment of diabetes and is one of the nation’s leading voluntary health organizations. I volunteered for the ADA’s annual cycling event, Tour de Cure, for a number of years – so the the ADA is very near and dear to my heart! On the National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day, the ADA encourages everyone to get up and move at least once every 90 minutes throughout the work day. By getting up and moving each hour, it limits the amount of time you spend sitting down.  If you are looking for some creative ways to move, I came across a funny article discussing the ways to stay active during the workday. As a joke, you could: Walk to the bathroom…. Read Full Post

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen!

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen!

I love the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen.” So many times we believe that in order to get a killer stomach, you must be killing yourself with abdominal exercises. While working your core and abs will benefit you, if you’re looking to tone up those abs, it’s not all exercise that will get you results. The phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen” is referring to the fact that diet is vital to getting results. By eating healthy foods, you will get more results than just focusing on your abs. Swimsuit season is right around the corner. I am your one-stop shop for a coach who can get you feeling and looking healthy for summertime! Contact me at, or check out to learn more! Do you believe that abs are made in the kitchen?

What’s Your Excuse?

Excuses Don't Burn Calories!

  I’ve had many excuses to get out of exercising, some of which I thought were valid, but in reality were not. As a kid, I convinced my mom to have a doctor write me a note to get me out of gym class, track day, or anything involving exercise. This supported my medical excuse, which really was not a valid reason. All it did was continue to enable my severe avoidance issues with exercise.   There are many excuses to avoiding exercise, and none have yet to have shown to be an effective way to burn calories. Hence, the inspiration for my shirt! So what’s your excuse to avoid exercising? Check out my wellness coaching packages, and let me defeat all your excuses – because believe me, I’ve used all of them!